Hello and Welcome to Dr. Kerry Lim - Lombard Dental

Situated in downtown Toronto, the primary goal of our dental practice is to serve the community in helping everyone achieve their best smile in the areas of health, look and function.  We are a family focused dental practice that places a priority on a relaxed patient experience and respectful, trusting relationships.

Whether you are younger, older or somewhere in between, you are you and will receive an individualized approach to the care and service we provide.

Why Choose Us

General Dentistry

Oral hygiene is important at every stage of life. Children need to learn good dental habits from a young age in order to maintain their oral health into their teen and adult years.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Presently the most advanced tooth restoration solution for people who desire an improvement in their smile.


Dental Implants

As the closest replacement option to nature's own work, dental implants mimic natural tooth structure....



Laughing gas sedation can help you rest easy through your entire appointment, allowing you to acquire the treatment that you need or desire.


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